by Douglas Fenn Wilson

Each story in this collection uses a well known painting as a point of departure. Characters
inanimate in paint and canvas step briefly out of frames to revisit poignant life passages.
The Savior Piet (1999 / 14 ms. pages) A New York accountant, stalled out in mid-life, finds in a Mondrian painting inspiration to change his life. (Painting by Piet Mondrian)
Ferrin’s Crossing (2000 / 20 ms. pages) Ferrin’s autism makes him vulnerable to a grudge-bearing brother––a life or death struggle in clear Bahamian waters gone eerily black. (Watercolor by Winslow Homer)
Remembering Green (2000 / 22 ms. pages) Miguel Reinoso, struggling with the complexities of blindness, attempts suicide when he loses his memory of color, but finds in his lover’s watercolors an unexpected foothold out of despair. (Watercolor by John Singer Sargent)
Drapes of Snow (2001 / 26 ms. pages) A massage therapist (and part-time portrait artist) finds herself drawn to a somber and highly sensitized male client––a burn victim. The catharsis that is their relationship, tender at first, then explosive, pushes them past their live's sticking points. (Painting by Velazquez)
Luau (2002 / 22 ms. pages) A backyard luau turns nightmare when ten-year-old Ricky witnesses his war-haunted grandfather unravel. (Painting by Paul Gauguin)
La Puerta (2003 / 22 ms. pages) A teenage Latino with a penchant for getting high on paint fumes fights for his life when the drug tunnel he is digging caves in––a fight that becomes a surreal journey into self, where burgeoning visions of God and the effects of drugs blur into one. (Painting by Mark Rothko)

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