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Coming Soon! Constructed Paintings

1) Layered Watercolors ($10)
2) Color Cell Paintings ($10)
3) Sculptural Paintings ($10)
* All three are available for $25
* NOTE: Personal catalogues signed by artist ($40)
Please send your name, address and check to :
P.O. Box 848
Glen Ellen, CA 95442

*NOTE: Catalogues include some images not shown in the web site's gallery. As of Summer '03, most of the pieces in the catalogues are available for sale.





• Where may we view Douglas Fenn Wilson's work for purchase?
  While strong examples of the artist's work can be found in most major American cities, most are in private or corporate collections and are not available to the public (there are some exceptions). As of Summer 2003, the artist's home and studio in the Northern California Wine Country is the major exhibition space for his work. In special circumstances the work can be viewed by appointment. Contact:  
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    * Slide, color prints, and specific price information for most images are available by request.  
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