About Me:

Welcome!––not just to a web site, but a thirty- year-long creative trek (1974 to the present). The site affords glimpses of my restlessness, my ambition, my renaissance breadth of interests, and a single theme: integration––of tradition and innovation, of organic and geometric, of past and present. Every year takes me farther – a path not so much forged, but there in all its mystery and clarity for me to follow.

My heroes are Winslow Homer (the watercolors), John Singer Sargent (early portraits), Velazquez (master of masters), Frank Lloyd Wright (design, innovation), and the army of forgotten sculptors and artists (mostly Greek) who created the Rome of Augustus.

The technically inquisitive might want to click on the "learn more about…" buttons in each of the main gallery rooms to see how I’ve created the works’ trademark three-dimensionality. Those interested in my professional growth will find it laid out chronologically in my résume.

A word about my recent work…

I paint, compose, from a point of view of one standing apart from the present—in some imagined future, looking back at the still frames of my life—moments of captured and remembered beauty—their pasts dissolving into eroded structure, into archeology, the future peeled away and still peeling, until all that’s left is a fabulous glimpse of a present that was.

Douglas Fenn Wilson, 2002

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